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Webinar on 1st April #BluePi: Introduction to AWS LAMBDA

We are excited :-D and pleased to announce our next webinar to be held on 1st April’ 2015 @ 3:30 pm IST. This webinar is about the AWS LAMBDA, a service launched by Amazon recently. This webinar will cover, introduction to LAMBDA , its typical use cases and benefits. Webinar would be useful for professionals who want to enhance their skills by learning new age Cloud technology. This webinar will be present....

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New Event Driven Service from Amazon – AWS Lambda

The concept of event-driven programming is not new. But AWS Lambda, a service launched by Amazon, takes it to the next level allowing developers to focus on the coding without having to worry about the mundane tasks of provisioning, scaling and administering the underlying infrastructure which, in AWS parlance, is the “undifferentiated heavy lifting”. What is Lambda AWS launched ....

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7 Questions You Must Ask Yourself Before Moving Application to Hybrid Cloud

Are you planning to move your application to hybrid cloud? But just because you think that moving almost everything to hybrid cloud is beneficial, doesn't necessarily mean that you should move your application to the cloud. There are several other integral factors that need to be considered before you move your application to a relatively new environment. ....

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IBM Announces the Launch of SoftLayer Cloud Data Center in Germany

The latest to join the bandwagon of companies setting up their cloud computing bases in Europe is the stalwart itself. IBM has surprised its counterparts with its decision to launch its first SoftLayer cloud data center in Germany after establishing back to back data centers in London and Paris last year. ....

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Google’s Cloud Monitoring Service in Beta

Those who were waiting for the Google's next big announcement after Cloud Trace can heave a sigh of relief. The search engine giant has made an official announcement of the availability of its Cloud Monitoring Service in beta. According to IT industry experts, the latest announcement is in line with “the integration of Google's ....

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How Cloud Computing Benefits Your Business

  Do you ever wonder where does your email client save all your communication data? All right! Despite the rage cloud computing has become over a period of time, a lot of people working in the virtual marketplace still can't stop themselves from making weird faces like Leonard Shelby—suffering from memory loss in the movie Memento—e....

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Does Your Business Need a Mobile App? Think Again!


The world is going crazy about mobile applications. And the latest to add to this growing madness is an interesting app called Paranormal EMF Meter. It tracks ghosts with its needle that creeps up on the scale every now and then. Like any other snazzy gizmo carried by ghost hunters, it makes you feel like Indiana Jones stuck in some zombie world. All right! The....

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BluePi’s New Logo Symbolizes Transformation and Growth

Bluepi Logo

From just a handful of clients to working with some of the biggest industry giants, BluePi Consulting is by no means a startup after over 2 years of services. We have grown exponentially over the years in terms of projects, clients, and expertise. And, obviously, its image of a startup had to change with its growth all across the globe. We are not really a newcomer despite our ....

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Why Single Page Application


Single Page Applications (SPA) are built on expanding reach via the browser, reducing round tripping, and enhancing User Experience (UX). In this blog, we will discuss why we need SPA, its advantages and what different components required. Why Single Page Application Why do we want to write single page apps? The main reason is that they allow us to offer a more-native-app-like experience to the user. This is hard to do with other ap....

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ASPState database – A performance bottleneck


The Project We were recently tasked with resolving a performance bottleneck on a very popular online food ordering system in India. The problem statement was rather simple : The website was running very slow during peak hours. The application was opaque to us - being an off the shelf application whose IP and therefore source the application vendor retained. So our investigations and analysis would need to be limited to the OS, Hardwa....

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