About Bluepi

We are a team of Dreamers, Innovators, Technology Experts and above all Explorers
With a focus on creating value for our clients, while having fun on the way

Our Story

BluePi is a born-in-the cloud technology company that focuses on solving business problems with innovative use of technology. Based out of Gurgaon, a leading financial and industrial city of India we focus on creating cloud based products as well as servicing the IT needs of businesses.

Being IBM Softlayer reseller and Amazon AWS Partner we help customers choose the right cloud provider, architecture and help them paint their business success story. We started our operations in the year of 2012 and since then steadily grown in size as well as revenue. Growth, Openeness, trust and respect are the operative keywords at BluePi.


Say hello to our Founding Members

Pronam Chatterjee

Head, Strategy & innovation

Pronam is an accomplished technologist with demonstrated capabilities in all areas of Executive leadership, Strategy development and implementation. A techie at heart Pronam has a proven track record of transforming many organizations through technology strategy and vision. With vast experience in BFSI and the HR domains , Pronam is a decisive leader with an impeccable record of successful project and programme deliveries at large scale.

Barkat Dhillon

Head, Delivery & Operations

Barkat believes technology has brought about fundamental changes in the way we conduct business. It is this possibility of challenging established business practices by aligning technology to specific business scenarios that excites him. He likes to get his hands dirty, experiment with cutting edge technologies and deploy it in real life scenarios.
Barkat brings a wealth of experience in leading and executing large scale complex projects, including legacy applications, making it compatible with enterprise grade cloud deployments.

Kaushik Khanna

Head, Cloud Services

Nothing in life gives more joy than making someone else smile! Yes, that is what has always motivated me to bring the best in the IT business. With 12 wonderful years of experience in the IT industry, it was a pleasure working with companies like Quark, Hewitt and ACS Xerox; each day learning something new.
I remember Sir Edmund Hillary's saying "It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves". Keeping this mantra in mind, I approach my work with good efforts and even better attitude.

Gaurav Batra

Head, Products

Gaurav has spent most of his days, working in different roles across client delivery and app dev as a system analyst, doing requirements analysis for legacy applications and later switched on to database design & development.
A technology enthusiast, in his short stint at BluePi, he has worked on Javascript, Meteor, Elasticsearch and MongoDB for some of the products. His current assignment includes, working on Products roadmap and go-to-market strategy.

Vishal Sharma

Head, Application Services

Vishal brings more than 12 wonderful years of high-tech industry experience including retail, consultancy, logistics. Prior to joining BluePi, Vishal was Tech Manager at Sapient, and he has held various technology management positions with NIIT Tech, Hewitt, ACS Xerox. Vishal is AWS certified solution architect, which keep on challenging himself by creating scalable, flexible, cost-effective and secure solution on AWS.

Aashu Agarwal

Head, Bangalore Operations & Sales

A enthusiastic coder at heart. Have a good proficiency in traditional goodies like java, j2ee, spring, rdbms along with cutting edge technologies like mongodb, scala, play, nodejs, angularjs. Always take a simplistic approach for the tough scenarios. My mantra is "Out of clutter, find simplicity". When not hooked to work, I like to travel and capture world through camera.

Our Mission

Build long term, reliable, secure and scalable solutions to solve real business problems.


As a company we exist to solve real business problems for our customers be it through our products or our services.

We don't set ourselves short-term goals - we intend to build a  business that survives the test of times.

We do this by building long-term partnerships with our clients that brings value to us and our customers.

We invest in tomorrow's technology today, we experiment without the fear of failure. 





To help  businesses succeed by acting as a trusted technology partner


We live in a world that is being eaten up by software. At the same time India's IT promise remains unfulfilled. To quote wikipedia 

The Indian IT market currently focuses on providing low cost solution in the services business of global IT.

This is not due to dearth of talent or capability.

We wish to leverage the BEST talent to provide top of the line solutions - solve the difficult problems, untangle the real business value.

We will only do work that is exciting &  market defining that  makes the latest developments in the field of IT available to  businesses of all sizes.





Experiment, Learn & Iterate. 

  • Unlike traditional IT service firms that follow the SDLC as the holy grail we believe in challenging our assumptions.
  • We have no fear of experimenting with new ideas, processes or technologies.
  • We measure the outcome of these experiments to validate our learning.
  • We use this learning to build repeatable and successful processes & solutions for our customers.
  • Everyone at BluePi is equally empowered ( & probably expected) to innovate. 
  • We believe in doing the hardest part first so that the risks are laid out upfront.
  • We will always choose speed over cost. If a costly approach helps us get a better result quicker, we would choose that over the cheaper option.

Gurgaon Adddress

Bengaluru Address

  • #408, Cita Building, next to Vodafone Office, Koramangala, 7th Block Bangalore – 560095

  • Phone:+91-80-67026904

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