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Automate AMI Backups & Cleanups
If you’ve been following our blog, you would know how we love to talk about advances in technology and ensure that our readers get the most out of reading our posts. This is the thing about being a tech enthusiast, we start to believe in what sufficiently advanced technology can do; it becomes indistinguishable from magic. Technology feeds on technology, technology makes technology possible. W
16 Jan
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containerizing node.js applications
The rise and rise of Node.js applications is, quite simply, phenomenal! Thanks to a JavaScript-everywhere architecture, the difference between backend and frontend is no longer as evident as it used to be. From emerging startups to large enterprises, every business is trying to leverage the lightweight and lightning quick Node.js framework to build high performance applications across numerous use
09 Jan
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5 Exclusive Capabilities of Microsoft Azure
BluePi cloud experience BluePi has been working with Indian companies large and small for the last three years helping them derive the benefits from cloud adoption. We not only help organization move to the cloud but help them adopt the latest technical capabilities using our competencies in the areas of DevOps, Big Data and App modernization. Azure as a Platform As one of the
12 Dec
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Big Query Data Warehouse
The advancement of technology generally evokes a range of emotions in people from all walks of life. Some choose to see the cons, while others consider it a way to bring the world closer and solve major challenges. But, as they say, any sufficiently advanced technology is equivalent to magic! Let us walk you through yet another blog post that amazes you with the goodies that te
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Is your Dev-ops or Infrastructure management team looking for options to cut costs and save time by eliminating human errors and the need for dedicated resources (like a standalone server) executing all tasks? Look no further! Automating AMI backups and cleanups using AWS Lambda helps you solve the above predicament to the T. We’ve seen it put to good use, and thought we’ll bring it to you
22 Nov
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Predictive Analytics
In our previous blogpost, we looked at 4 ways that real-time, big data analytics can give your business a competitive advantage. One of them was that you could use real-time big data analytics to make dynamic changes based on user behaviour. This brings us to the realm of Predictive Analytics, which, as Eric Siegel says, gives you “
14 Nov
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real-time big data analytics
Real-time, big data analytics, based on cloud. What’s that? It’s certainly not a mishmash of the most trending hashtags on twitter! There’s more to it. Picture this. You’ve added a shiny new feature to your product and want to see if the Millennials shower the same amount of love that they did t
03 Nov
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CLOUD FOUNDRY Cloud Foundry(CF) is an open source PaaS platform which supports the full life cycle of software development right from initial development, testing and deployment. It is suited for continuous delivery strategy. Applications deployed on Cloud Foundry use external resources called as services. These services may include application dependencies such as databases, messaging s
26 Oct
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In the previous blog, ‘A Million Events in 5 Minutes! Know How We Do It.’, we provided a high level view of the architecture of piStats and how an incoming clickstream event travels through our system to get a visual representation on our realtime dashboards. In this pa
12 Oct
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piStats Analytics
piStats Analytics is designed to consume every activity and event of a user on the client's site. These events are sent to our systems to extract valuable information like trends and active users that provide an insight to the client on how the site is performing on any particular day or performed on a previous day. Capturing this information securely without loss and performing real-time aggre
23 Aug
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