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analytics platform
History of banks is older than all of us. In earlier times, banks used to connect with their customers directly and create customer value by cross-selling and upselling new products. But given the hyper- connected world we are in today, banks certainly have realized lately the importance of strategizing digitization. While keeping a certain degree of weightage to mobile strategy to
30 Mar
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HR Best Practices
Over the past few years there has been a remarkable amount of transformation on how companies hoped and wanted to make the organizational culture people-centric. Out of all the surveys and studies that were conducted, the one thing that stood out was - A “
04 Mar
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After a decade of strong growth, the insurance industry is now grappling with slow growth, rising costs, deterioration distribution structure and stalled reforms. To top it all, most of the Insurance companies are having a High Expense Ratio, Loss ratio, the insurance margin has gone down and the minimum capital requirement has gone up. The Life insurance segment is witnessing a year-on-year de
04 Feb
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Why Employer Branding
Business Dictionary says that BRANDING is the process involved in creating a unique name and image for a product in the consumers' mind, aiming to establish a significant and differentiated presence in the market that attracts and retains loyal customers.Having said about branding, it is the Employer branding which is taking a center stage these days. Employer branding is the process of
29 Jan
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Jack Welch said “there is no such thing as work-life balance. There are work-life choices and you make them, and they have consequences”.True, there can’t be a magical code to work-life balance that can help in allocating exactly the right amount of time to all the competing demands in your life. Perpetually, life is all about making choices – and the choices are up to you.
27 Jan
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Although LAMP stack has been there for a long time but now it faces stiff competition from MEAN stack as now web developers are shifting towards MEAN stack.LAMP stack VS MEAN stackLAMP stack stands forLinux server on which you are running anApache Web Server- withMySQL as a Database andPHP as the Backend Language.
04 Jan
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Big data analysis
Unlike, the notion prevailing, Big Data isn't just for big businesses with bigger budgets. Small business, these days, too can reap the benefits of the gigantic amounts of online and offline information to make wise, data-driven decisions to grow their businesses.Essentially, big data is all about opportunity -- the opportunity to use your company's data in order to make smarter business
28 Dec
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types of cloud computing models
Cloud computing is a model for enabling ubiquitous, convenient, on-demand network access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources (e.g., networks, servers, storage, applications, and services) that can be rapidly provisioned and released with minimal management effort or service provider interaction. Read more about some of the core
10 Dec
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analytics platform
According to a recent study, more than 78% of the companies, globally make data driven decisions. Majority of the analytics used is for Customer retention and acquisition (around 69%), thus making it a major field of study. Giving a better consumer experience by engaging with the audience on all levels
16 Nov
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Recommender Systems
Recommender systems are defined as recommendation inputs given by the people, which the system then aggregates and directs to appropriate recipients.  It can be further defined as a system that produces individualized recommendations as output or has the effect of guiding the user in a personalized way to interesting objects in a larger space of possible options. Recommender system will become
14 Nov
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