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In the previous blog we saw how we can automate deloyment of Play framework applications using Chef, in this piece let's focus on automating Configuration Management for Play Framework applications using Chef. There are a few steps involved in making the configuration updates automatic, we'll discuss these steps one by one 1. Externalize your application.conf There is a configuration file i
04 Mar
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Extreme Programming goes hand in hand with the Scrum practices that we follow in the modern software development. The promises made by implementing Scrum can only be fulfilled if we follow the development practices that compliment it. Extreme Programming or XP practices are a must if we want a work environment which is dynamic and responsive.Continous Integration remains a practice that is most wi
01 Mar
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In my last post I talked about the basic concepts and an introduction to the Actor model for concurrency, lets put Actors into action and try to solve a multithreaded producer consumer problem using Akka. The problem I have picked for thi
18 Mar
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The next big challenge in the modern software development is writing concurrent, distributed and scalable programs. Algorithms that can cut down tasks in parallel and offer a greater throughput. The current shared memory model of Java concurrency offers an excellent API for writing such programs. Java's concurrency model has evolved over the last couple of releases and has made a programmer's l
10 Mar
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