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The Project We were recently tasked with resolving a performance bottleneck on a very popular online food ordering system in India. The problem statement was rather simple : The website was running very slow during peak hours. The application was opaque to us - being an off the shelf application whose IP and therefore source the application vendor retained. So our investigations and a
29 Jul
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In case you happened to miss our webinar on #MeteorJS you can now watch it at leisure. Meteor is an awesome real-time JS framework that is about to hit 1.0 soon. It makes application development a breeze. JS is used in both client and Server thereby providing a seamless developer experience. Built on top of NodeJS and MongoDB, Meteor uses a unique mechanism to keep data on the Client and the Se
04 Jun
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If you happened to miss our Webinar on AWS Storage solutions, we are now making the recording available here. Feel free to watch, comment and ask questions! AWS Storage Solutions from
02 Jun
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We did a webinar on AWS Landscape and the different services provided by Amazon. If you could not attend please find the video. Our webinar's schedule is available at Events section of our website. Feel free to register.
19 May
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Change is the only constant in offshore product development. What was the prevailing attitude a few years ago has given way to new approach and preferences. While early adopters of the model had cost cutting at the top of their mind, the organizations now demonstrate a new long term strategic approach.
22 Apr
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Stupendous growth of data volumes in recent years has been behind the rise of the phenomenon of big data, which has presented new challenges as well as new opportunities for business enterprises. Organizations can take advantage of the big data environment with analytic solutions to derive information about key business entities such as customers, products, suppliers, manufacturing processes and m
28 Mar
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Free Webinar for Cloud Computing Beginners We are going to do a free webinar on the 15th of April. In this hour long webinar we walk through the whys, whats and hows of the cloud computing. . We also look at the business drivers behind cloud computing. We discuss the benefits, common use cases, and financial & business benefits. We also do an  elementary demonstrati
27 Mar
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At BluePi we do many projects for startups. These vary from building green-field applications , cloud migrations to performance re-engineering. So when we find a cloud provider focusing on startups we rejoice and so do our clients! While cloud providers like Microsoft and Vmware continue to grow on the bac
08 Mar
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