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At BluePi, we use it to power our extension, mobile, and site APIs, as well as to serve the single-page app. Our expert architecture takes advantage of Play’s multi-projects and Play's WS library. We have been successful in building applications that makes the most of what Play has to offer as Play tries to bring all the good things from the frameworks based on scripting languages like Ruby On Rails, Django, Pylons, Symfony, Grails and Cake PHP to the Java world.


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Akka has been used by BluePi to create a number of products. Highly concurrent, distributed, scalable, adaptive load balanced and fault tolerant applications are some of the key benefits when using...



Scala is our automatic choice for writing distributed, concurrent and parallel programs. We think Scala offers just the right set of tools to solve all these problems in a highly efficient and eleg...



AngularJS is one of the next generation technologies, that is extensible and plays well with other libraries.BluePi consulting has successfully adopted the potential of AngularJS to deliver ...

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