Room Checker

The client creates productivity Applications for the hospitality industry by leveraging the available Mobile/ SmartPhone technologies.

The objective was to create a customized application that could do a variety of things including:

1. Collect guest comments through QR code
2. Prioritize open issues
3. Resolve issues from the mobile app
4. Assign location tags to rooms and filter by location
5. Determine item list contents by room type
6. Change room status sent to the front desk
7. Send issues to mobile device through front desk
8. Inspect without wifi and upload later
9. Take multiple pictures of an item

BluePi created an innovative hybrid applications that integrates a robust platform with mobile technology to record and check the quality of service provided to any consumer across the globe. It was designed after a manual validation of housekeeping tasks resulting in inconsistent quality across Hotels, Restaurants, Hospitals, Malls, Airlines etc.

The application provides comprehensive data collection and analysis by combining both mobile and web-based applications. It helps hotel managers inspect rooms without having to go through paperwork and also report issues immediately.

Developed by BluePi consulting, Room Checker ensures that the issues are resolved before they become guests’ complaints. Reported issues are sent immediately to cleaning or maintenance department by the application.

Other features of the application developed by BluePi include:

1. Supports any number of room required.

2. Customized room numbers and names for every specific needs for the hotel.

3. Availability of Reports on the web-based application to assist with management of rooms and staff.

4. Customizable to fit every requirement of the application.

Java, Spring Framework, Spring Security, Highcharts, Android, iOS

Hospitality/ Quality/ Productivity Tools/ Mobility

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