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Concurrent, Parallel or distributed applications always take a lot of efforts to create . While doing multithreading you must have noticed, how much hurdle it takes to create it. You have to take care of all sort of implementing Runnable interface, serialization in methods, handle dead-lock occurrence and lots other stuffs. And then there is some toolkit like Akka, which gives you a easy and conv
23 Feb
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In my last post I talked about the basic concepts and an introduction to the Actor model for concurrency, lets put Actors into action and try to solve a multithreaded producer consumer problem using Akka. The problem I have picked for thi
18 Mar
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The next big challenge in the modern software development is writing concurrent, distributed and scalable programs. Algorithms that can cut down tasks in parallel and offer a greater throughput. The current shared memory model of Java concurrency offers an excellent API for writing such programs. Java's concurrency model has evolved over the last couple of releases and has made a programmer's l
10 Mar
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