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Supply Chain

Strategic and operational planning based on our proprietary methodology Strategic and


In today’s dynamic retail landscape, navigating the complexities of your supply chain can feel like steering a ship through a storm. Unpredictable demand, inventory fluctuations, and inefficient processes can eat into your profits and leave you scrambling to catch up. At BluePi, we understand these challenges. We offer a comprehensive suite of AI-powered solutions designed to optimize your supply chain, boosting efficiency, reducing costs, and driving real growth.


Markdown Optimization

Optimizing markdowns entails a complex decision science to mitigate the impact it can have on your bottom-line.

Demand Forecasting

The forecast horizons are tuned to align with the procurement cycles to ensure the use of all available data and yet provide enough head room for logistics.

Inventory Re-Balancing

While the customer demand at each store is independent of each other lack of proper stocks means unmet sales and lost revenue. opportunities.

Automatic Replenishment

Shelf-out-of-stock is one of the leading motivations of technology innovation in Retail sector.


Batch Analytics

We can help you analyze large datasets to identify trends and patterns that would be difficult or impossible to see manually. This can help you make better business decisions, such as optimizing your pricing strategy or improving your customer service.

Data Lake

We can help you build and manage a data lake, which is a central repository for all of your data, regardless of its source or format. This can help you break down data silos and make it easier to access and analyze all of your data in one place.

Data Visualization

We can help you create data visualizations that are easy to understand and interpret. This can help you communicate your data insights to stakeholders more effectively and make better decisions based on your data.

Data Warehouse

We can help you build and manage a data warehouse, which is a database that is specifically designed for analytical queries. This can help you speed up your analytics and reporting processes.

Data Ingestion Pipeline

We can help you build a data ingestion pipeline to collect and process data from multiple sources. This can help you streamline your data operations and make it easier to get your data into the right place for analysis.

Realtime Analytics

We can help you implement real-time analytics solutions that can provide you with insights into your business as it happens. This can help you identify and respond to opportunities and challenges more quickly.

Real-World Impact: How BluePi Drives Results

We offer a wide range of application modernization services, including


We can help you to migrate your applications to a new cloud platform, such as AWS, Azure, or GCP


We can help you to refactor your codebase to make it more efficient, maintainable, and scalable.


We can help you to re-platform your applications to a new technology stack, such as Java, Python, or .NET.


We can help you to containerize your applications so that they can be deployed and managed more easily.

Cloud-Native Development

We can help you to develop new cloud-native applications from the ground up.

Increased bottom line

Our clients consistently report a 5% or more increase in profitability through improved inventory management and optimized markdowns.

Faster inventory turnover

Free up capital tied up in inventory and improve cash flow with efficient allocation and replenishment.

Improved efficiency

Free your team from manual processes and data crunching. Our AI-powered solutions automate tasks and provide actionable insights, allowing your team to focus on strategic initiatives.

Enhanced customer experience

When your shelves are stocked and your inventory is optimized, you deliver a seamless shopping experience that keeps customers coming back for more.


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    Anjna Bhati Deep domain expertise in Retail and BFSI. I believe technology is an enabler. I have led many sucessful business transformations for our customers. I hope to meaninfully enhance the experience for my team and customers.


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